Hi guys,

I’m from Florence, Italy. Was born in 1986.

I write to you to talk about my project “Mutant Kult”.

Simply put, I’m a true fan of Mutant Chronicles. The name of the project comes from the two Swedish role playing games that this game was born from: Mutant and Kult.

My goals with this labour of love are as follows:

  • Create a database of miniature’s with a photo, date of production, brand of production and name of the sculptor.
  • Create the first database of images and graphics from the game, with the name of the illustrator, and the first published appearance.
  • Create a wiki with links to background information for the various games.
  • Translate everything that isn’t already translated from Swedish to English (and Italian).
  • Create a collection of the 31 miniatures closed in blister made for the RPG from 1992 to 1994 from Heartbreaker.
  • Many more things …

I have a Facebook fan page where I post all my personal discoveries on the world of Mutant Chronicles. The page is called Mutant Kult, please visit it to understand my love for this universe.

In the real world, I’m a freelancer. I started about working about three years ago, in the beginning as employed, but since a few months as freelancer because … I love the idea of being a freelancer who works sometime with one of the great megacorporations (Google, Facebook, etc ..) to get the job done.

But I don’t want to talk a lot of my job … because: I only want to help Mutant Chronicles to grow. If i can use my skill to do it, that will be great, but what i really need is support from the fan base to make this as great as it possibly can.

So that’s all, tell me if you need something. Because every thing you ask me gets me closer to accomplishing my long time goals:

  • Create the first online museum of Mutant Chronicles.
  • Create the first bi-annual and European event to allow Mutant Chronicle’s fan to meet and play together.
  • Make Mutant Chronicles great and popular again, like it when it was a real alternative to Dungeons & Dragons, Magic and Warhammer 40,000.

Good job guys,
Mutant Kult


Thanks to Peter Bergting who help me to translate this page correctly in english.

English Help

I’m italian and my english it’s not the best in the world.

If you’re an english speaker and you report “some error” in my text contact me at mutantkult@gmail.com and i will correct the text.

This will make Mutant Kult better!

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